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Asset SBIT

Asset | SBIT was founded in 1984 by ten enthusiastic information management students and joined the faculty association Asset Tilburg in 2008. We are proud to announce that we have more than 200 active members between 2019 and 2024, and we hope to see them all at the Lustrum.

Asset | SBIT is the study association for all students studying Business Economics (BE) or Information Management (IM) at Tilburg University and all others interested in this field. Asset | SBIT provides its members with career orientation, study support & social cohesion.

Lustrum Committee

For the past year and a half, the Lustrum committee has been busy organising SBIT’s 40th anniversary. Our job? organizing ten days of unforgettable activities. What do our members like? What are our traditions? How do we want to shape the Lustrum? These were our key concerns.

However, activities were not our only concern. Our focus has also been on the theme, designs, merchandise, reveal party, lustrum song, and much more. We are proud to present to you the results of our hard work. We cannot wait to share this with all of you and make it a period to remember.

Almanak Committee

The Almanak Committee has dedicated itself to creating an unforgettable almanak, a timeless book that highlights our journey over the past 5 years. Through hard work in collecting photos, stories, anecdotes, and memorable moments, they have succeeded in portraying a unique ambiance that characterizes our amazing association.

For months, the Almanak Committee has been working on creating a memorable book that members will remember and read through for decades to come. With input from our members and the committee’s dedication, they can proudly say that this will be a unique 8th almanak!

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